Peak swell season is September - November and the current continues to push strong swell into the coming rainy season.

December - February: This season can also get great swell but can push alot of wind and rain along with it. Knowing your wind direction will always allow you to find a few clean waves around the island.

March – May the winds and rain will fade out and although there is consistent swell, the size is generally smaller.

May – August boasts the best weather of the year and a great time for families, longboarders or beginners looking to take lessons. With predominantly small clean/offshore days, it's a great time to hit the flat water/surf on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) in the lagoon out front.

There are waves most times of the year on Siargao, and usually somewhere in the neighborhood something is happening. Siargao doesn't boast Bali consistency and everyday perfection, but we go from GOOD to EPIC plenty throughout the year with world class waves. If you score, then you’ll be sure to remember it!

Cloud 9 is a crowd favorite for sure, but there are plenty of breaks accessible by boat, bike or van. No reason to surf with the crowds when you can find something equally as fun with your own group. Our boat channel directly out front gives us instant access to local surf breaks at high or low tide.Lessons available. Private boats and drivers are at the ready at Greenhouse and we full supply of shortboards/longboards/SUP available for rent.